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Depending on your requirements of the OTT platform, it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to launch your own OTT.

Enveu experts work with your team to seamlessly migrate your data and user data and also the entitlements.

Yes, Enveu’s white-labelled OTT platform is both customisable and extensible. Our systems carefully built to comply with future regulations and requirements

Enveu have the expertise to support you end-to-end while launching your own OTT. We will provide you with a hosted solution, which will not require any technical team at your end. You will only need a content team to manage the CMS, and to take care of content uploads and platform configurations

You can launch on 12+ platforms at once – this includes iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Smart TV, LG, Chromecast, Huawei etc

With Enveu, you can choose to offer a variety of content such as Full length feature films, TV Shows with multiple seasons, Educational Tutorials, Live Events, 24/7 Linear Live Channels and much more

You just need to upload the videos and Enveu will help you host and deliver them through our globally scalable CDN.

Payment Gateways work on “Bring your own License” model. Enveu platform comes pre-integrated with Apple and Google In-app purchases, Stripe and Paypal for both one time and recurring payments. Just activate your account with any of these to get started on collecting payments

Apple in-app purchases, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Roku Pay are available across all platforms. Paypal and Stripe are available on the web only.

Yes, Enveu offers you white-labeled platform that’s fully customisable. We will offer you a SaaS license that’ll enable you to use the product while the platform ownership still lies with Enveu.

While Enveu can assist you in this process, it is the owner’s prerogative to get the app added to the app store.

Enveu can support both H.264 and H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding).

UTF-8 language support available at multiple levels –

1. Multilingual interact at both RTL and LTR format

2. Meta-data level

3. Search support

4. Multilingual audio tracks and multilingual subtitles

Yes, you can provide audio description and closed-caption options to your users with an exception that the audio script data is provided by the owner.

Yes we do a full native RTL support.

Yes offline playback is available only for hand-held devices

We support both air-play and chromecast.

Yes, you can provide data-saver options to your end users.

We support multiple profiles – kids mode, parental-control.

Sign-up forms can be customized based on the kind of information you’d like from your users.

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