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comprehensive content protection and control for your streaming needs with enveu’s drm video encryption

Enveu’s advanced Video DRM solution empowers your content security. It offers robust encryption and access controls to protect against piracy and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity of your video assets. With an intuitive interface, it provides comprehensive control for both VOD and live streams, elevating your streaming security.

concurrency control
Concurrency Control
Geo Restriction
encrypted HLS
Encrypted HLS
videostorage (2)
Secure Video Storage
AES Encryption
IP Blocking
Secure offline playback

encrypted live streaming

Encrypted Live Streaming guarantees secure real-time content delivery for OTT platforms. By employing robust encryption methods, it shields your live streams from unauthorized access, ensuring data privacy and content protection, all while delivering seamless, high-quality viewing experiences.

recording protection

Our Recording Protection solution for OTT platforms is designed to safeguard your valuable content. By implementing cutting-edge encryption and access controls, it ensures that your content remains protected against unauthorized downloads and distribution, preserving your content’s exclusivity and enhancing your platform’s security.

dynamic watermarking

Dynamic Watermarking is a powerful content protection tool for OTT platforms. By embedding personalized, time-based watermarks, it allows you to trace and deter unauthorized sharing or piracy while maintaining viewer engagement and content security.

compatible with multiple drm

Our platform offers compatibility with multiple DRM solutions, ensuring flexibility and broader content protection options. This allows you to choose the most suitable DRM system for your needs, seamlessly integrating and managing content security while accommodating diverse viewing platforms and devices.

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