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Why use communication channels alongside tools like Zoom, Outlook, and Slack?

Enveu enhances engagement and evaluates communication effectiveness, offering valuable insights.

Why consider shifting from our effective traditional prospecting method?

Personalized 1:1 video outreach increases replies rate by 26% offering a more impactful approach.

Why integrate video into training and onboarding?

Pre-made training video libraries enable on-the-go learning for employees, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Why prioritize an app for enhanced brand representation and storytelling?

An app offers expanded opportunities for branding and storytelling, enriching the brand's representation.

Why you need analytics for the communication?

Analytics provide improved, data-driven decision-making capabilities?

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Enveu + HCL Volt MX Advantages

Harness the power of HCL’s multi-experience low-code platform, together with Enveu’s
SaaS-based robust and easy-to-use solution - Experience Cloud.

Effortless Low-code Development

No coding experience? No problem! Build stunning applications effortlessly, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Time-Saving Approach

We have simplified the development process to save time catering to the ever-evolving desires of tech-savvy audiences.

Seamless API Management

Managing APIs can be complex, but with the secure API management solution powered by HCL VoltMX Foundry, you can easily control and monitor your APIs.

Interactive User Interface

With Volt MX's low-code prowess, Enveu can weave captivating interfaces that appeal to users and allows you to customize the look of your platform.

Entry Security

Safety is paramount in the digital realm, and with HCL Volt MX's advanced security offerings and DRM solutions, your video kingdom is safeguarded like never before!

Video for Sales- Connect better, Convert more

Elevate sales effectiveness through enhanced connections and increased conversions with a compelling video that resonates and drives measurable success.

  • Product Demos Library
  • Email-based 1-1 video prospecting
  • Capture videos from desktop or phone and send in emails
  • Video transcription for meeting recaps
  • Track engagement and reveal intent
  • Sales reports via video conferencing
  • Easy screen sharing for explanations

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Video for Marketing- Boost Engagement, Achieve Goals

Elevate Marketing Engagement, Drive Conversions, and Achieve Goals – Empower Your Team with Impactful Multimedia Strategies for Lasting Success.

  • Email marketing with video
  • Social media campaigns with video library
  • Improve Google rankings with Video SEO
  • Engagement with short video platform
  • Capture testimonials with shareable links
  • Record and promote product demos
  • Establish trust with a personal touch

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Video for HR- Unite Teams, Foster Growth

Encourage teamwork, nurture growth through impactful videos, ensuring lasting success by inspiring development and creating a dynamic, supportive work atmosphere.

    • Employee upskilling with training videos
    • Live stream town halls and events
    • Employee engagement and wellness
    • Video prospecting for hiring
    • Video Interviews through conference
    • Easily communicate policy and procedures
    • Performance Reviews, recognition and Feedback

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Video for Engineering- Collaborate Efficiently, Innovate Constantly

Spark creativity with dynamic videos, promoting smooth teamwork and constant innovation in an engineering setting that values ongoing progress and excellence.

  • Showcase new features via recorded videos.
  • Gather user feedback with personalized videos.
  • Share product roadmaps via conferencing or recordings.
  • Conduct video-based code reviews.
  • Record, share, and store technical training videos.
  • Offer documentation walkthroughs.
  • Host tech talks and webinars

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Video for Leadership- Inspire Team, Navigate Success

Empower visionaries with strategic videos for effective leadership, navigating unprecedented success through impactful initiatives, guiding teams towards excellence.

  • Thought Leadership video/podcast series.
  • Global team communication
  • Share investor relations updates with stakeholders.
  • Communicate quarterly reports via video.
  • Enable cross-departmental collaboration via video
  • Share visionary video messages.
  • Update employees on crisis management.

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Videos for Customer Supports- Swift resolution, Effortless service

Dynamic videos enhance customer experience, ensuring seamless issue resolution and effortless service, fostering satisfaction through innovative and effective solutions.

  • Customer onboarding video library
  • Video Knowledge Base
  • Resolve ticket faster with video communication
  • Record and share personalized “Thank You” videos
  • Train your team with conferencing
  • Easy integrations with CRM for updated database

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