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with enveu, you have endless possibilities to engage and monetize your users on your fitness platform

Enveu empowers your fitness platform with limitless opportunities to engage and monetize users. Through our robust fitness streaming services, you can offer diverse workout content, interactive challenges, and personalized training experiences. Maximize revenue through subscription models, in-app purchases, and sponsorships. With Enveu, you'll create a dynamic fitness ecosystem that not only keeps users motivated but also drives sustainable financial success for your fitness business

Create events, podcasts, and webinars
Create events, podcasts, and webinars
Multilingual supports
Multilingual supports
Social publishing
Social publishing
Personal Training
Personal Training
Live Classes
Live Classes
Schedule Classes
Schedule Classes
1-1 consultation
1-1 consultation
Sell fitness video course
Sell fitness video course
on-demand training videos and live sessions

Our fitness streaming service allows you to create on-demand fitness videos and conduct live sessions, offering a versatile platform for fitness enthusiasts to access workouts and engage in real-time fitness experiences.

  • icon Training Videos
  • icon Live Classes
  • icon Live Events
  • icon Schedule Videos and Events
fitness and wellness video cms

Access a comprehensive fitness and wellness video content management system that empowers you to offer on-demand training videos and conduct live sessions. Our platform provides a versatile environment for fitness and wellness enthusiasts to access workouts, mindfulness sessions, and engage in real-time experiences. Key features include:

  • icon Metadata Management
  • icon Bulk Upload
  • icon Media Library
  • icon Video Scheduling
interactive features for enhanced user engagement

We provide live chat, polls, and various interactive features, enhancing user engagement and creating a dynamic fitness community within your streaming app.

  • icon Live Chat
  • icon Polls
  • icon Quizzes
  • icon Gamification
sell your merches on your fitness store

Elevate your brand and boost revenue by selling your merchandise through your branded fitness store, connecting fitness enthusiasts with your branded products and enhancing their fitness experience.

  • icon Add to cart
  • icon Easy buying
  • icon Out-of-stock/in-stock
  • icon Multiple currencies
monetize your fitness content in multiple ways

Unlock diverse revenue streams by monetizing your fitness content in various ways. Our platform offers numerous avenues to turn your passion for fitness into a successful business venture.

  • icon Subscription and Freemium Model
  • icon In-app & In-stream ads
  • icon Coupons and Promotions
  • icon Multiple Payment gateways
analytics and security for smart business decision

Implement a comprehensive and robust security infrastructure for safeguarding your audio streaming platform, and ensure airtight protection against potential threats and guaranteed complete security for users.

  • icon Live Analytics and Dashboard
  • icon Firebase, Google Analytics
  • icon DRM
  • icon Watermarking

available across 12+ platforms

Rajendra Kumar

“Kudos to the Enveu team for all the hard work and for showing genuine interest in our digital sports platform project throughout the final execution. We were looking for skilled tech professionals to enhance the app’s UI and stability and the efficient team at Enveu delivered quality results at a cost-effective price.  Their knowledge of the sports industry and expertise in OTT is remarkable. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans and partners alike, and we are confident that our platform will continue to grow.”

Rajendra Kumar  -  Admin (Ops & Accounts) at Power Sportz
Alexandru Moraras

“A huge shoutout to team Enveu for helping us with our every need and making our vision a reality. We wanted to relaunch the streaming platform on Smart TVs and other digital media devices with enhanced UI that appeals to customers. Their highly professional team has made our journey towards releasing the platform a lot easier and they even suggested some interesting ideas to improve our services. The Instagram-styled UI they have designed to show the different brands and products is appreciable and something that we were looking for!

Alexandru Moraras  -  Director at Iberalia GO!
Sanjay Kupae

“Enveu is one of our strategic partners in the OTT space. At MoEngage we drive hyper-personalized experiences for our customers with AI led insights. With Enveu’s experience in providing end-to-end OTT technology solutions, our customers will have the ability to launch faster, increase engagement and grow their subscriber base though the agility, resources and timely implementation support that Enveu drives.”

Sanjay Kupae  -  Head of Partnerships at MoEngage
Amornphat Chomrat

“I am really glad that I chose Enveu as a partner for launching a digital platform along with subscription management to share world-class documentaries with Thai consumers. The team communicated well and readily grasped concepts and intent. Their ability to understand requests and provide an enterprise-grade solution is what made me fully trust them.

They have successfully launched the platform for mobile, web, Chromecast and Airplay. Now, we are also aiming for global expansion and Enveu is solutioning a multi-region features to help the platform capability to localize itself wherever required. Thank you for an amazing job guys!”

Amornphat Chomrat  -  Managing Director at Next Step
Nuthapong T.

” Thanks to Enveu’s OTT solutions & services, we’ve got a wholesome offering to give to local broadcasters & publishers that require a reliable, white-labeled OTT platform. When clients see the value of managing their apps, content & users in one central hub, it really becomes an easy sell. Besides that, Enveu’s support and servicing is excellent. We are excited to partner with Enveu to bring value to content creators of all sizes, from large enterprises to social media influencers, that are looking to jump on the OTT bandwagon.”

Nuthapong T.  -  Managing Director at DSC International

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