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short videos, long lasting impressions: create an impact faster with tik-tok clone

Develop a cutting-edge tik tok clone app, ensuring user retention through high-quality features. Elevate your brand's presence with a captivating platform that enhances user engagement and sets your brand apart in the realm of short video content. All the top short video sharing app features in one place

Native Mobile Apps
Native Mobile Apps
Creators Profile
Creators Profile
Games and Leadership board
Games and Leadership board
Social Sign ups
Social Sign ups
AI Filters and dubbing
AI Filters and dubbing
Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Virtual Coins
Virtual Coins
Encrypted Chats
Encrypted Chats
100% source code
100% source code
White label app
White label app
Smart Beauty & Effect Filters

Enveu offers a TikTok clone featuring smart beauty and wide range of high-quality filters designed for enhancing both videos and photos. It empowers users to apply real-time color adjustments and fine-tune image intensity. Beauty filters enhance skin texture, color, face structure, and more, ensuring that every user can achieve their desired look effortlessly.

  • icon Image and Video
  • icon Stickers
  • icon Beautification AI FIlters
Video Editor

Enhance your video creation experience with our powerful video editor. Our platform allows you to create and edit short videos with ease, offering features to add text, trim and cut short your videos, and apply beautification filters. Whether you are looking for TikTok clone app development or need white-label TikTok clone services, our TikTok-like app development solutions provide everything you need. With Enveu Snap, transforming your ideas into captivating videos has never been easier.

  • icon Add Text
  • icon Add Animation
  • icon Change Background
  • icon Crop
  • icon Speed up your video
Sound Effects

Elevate your short videos with a TikTok clone video editor that empowers you to add carefully selected music tracks and dynamic sound effects. Enhance your short videos by incorporating background music and sound effects that perfectly complement the mood and theme, making your content more engaging and captivating for your audience.

  • icon Add Music
  • icon Upload Music
  • icon Volume Up/Volume Down
  • icon Voice Effect
  • icon Record Voice
Social Sharing

Easily distribute your short videos across leading social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with just one simple click. Maximize your video’s exposure and engagement by leveraging the convenience of this one-click sharing feature, which allows you to connect with your target audience efficiently. Create a TikTok clone without any hassle and enjoy seamless integration for sharing your content widely.

  • icon Integration with Popular platform
  • icon Share videos with a single click
  • icon Open in web or mobile app

enveu scales your direct-to-consumer businesses in 2 ways

Short Video Mobile App Integration within Existing App

Seamlessly blend Tik-tok clone app into your own app, fostering community engagement, authentic experiences, and user-driven value creation

  • enveu pricing details Automatic content collection
  • enveu pricing details User-friendly moderation
  • enveu pricing details Unlimited widgets
  • enveu pricing details Advanced analytics
  • enveu pricing details Shoppable experiences

Development of a New Tik Tok clone app

Embark on a journey of viewer engagement with Enveu’s short video sharing mobile app development platform

  • enveu pricing details Simple drag-and-drop mechanism
  • enveu pricing details Multiple UI templates
  • enveu pricing details No coding required
  • enveu pricing details 3rd party platform integration
  • enveu pricing details Customized options
  • enveu pricing details Monetization support

Built for multiple industries

Interactive Short Video App User-Generated Content invites your audience to be part of your story. Let them create, share and drive engagement

Media & Entertainment
Creators & Influencers
Beauty & Fashion


The Tik Tok clone is a customizable streaming platform, empowering you to launch your personalized on-demand video streaming venture. Utilize highly scalable websites and mobile apps to kickstart your business seamlessly.

Yes, Enveu Tech provides customization services according to your needs.

Yes, upon purchasing the license, you attain full ownership rights to the code.

Yes, both the mobile app and website source code are encrypted, safeguarding security and preserving intellectual property rights.

Yes, upon purchasing the software, you gain the eligibility to personalize it by incorporating your own logo, company/business name, and more, allowing for seamless re-branding.

Enveu wants to clarify the use of the term 'TikTok Clone' for promotional purposes. In the web and app development industry, it's a common way to describe creating a streaming platform similar to Tik-Tok. At Enveu, we want to emphasize that we develop both the code and design from scratch for your project. We do not utilize any graphics, design elements, or code from the original Tik-Tok site. Choosing Enveu means opting for a custom solution that mirrors Tik-Tok's functionality while adhering to our unique engineering approach. It's important to note that Enveu is an independent company without any affiliation to Tik-Tok. Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier web and app development services, empowering you to create a platform tailored precisely to your requirements.

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