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OTT Solution

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'Turn Key' Video
OTT Solution

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Update Layouts
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Personalization powered by AI

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Experience Manager enables you to expel unpredictability from your content placement methodology.


You can anywhere have fully integrated live &VOD content. Content Manager makes sure of its offerings in creative and uniform metadata style over a scope of gadgets.


Creating a long lasting relationship with the subscribers with a Subscription Manager that provides automated invoices, deals with payments and taxes automatically.

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Our Work

We truly understand the need of the hour and also aware of the criticality of timelines.
With our tools & SDKs across all available platforms, we tend to deliver a high quality services in record time.
With enhanced user experience technology & products, we always stays ahead in technological advancements. Our enhanced user experience engine offers the most efficient & budget friendly discovery solutions.

Launched OTT & TVE Services for World’s Second largest DTH operator Dish TV & D2H with a collective reach of 25 Million Unique Households.

Launched OTT & TVE Services for South Asia’s largest Telco and DTH operator.

Launched OTT & TV Services forNONTON content provider based out of Indonesia

We led the complete Digital consulting and OTT architecture and lanching Republic TV on Hotstar with Live Feed in April 2017

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We are driven by technology and
continually seek solutions to improve your
business effciency and performance.


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We regularly update our technology and are the early adopters. The new technologies helps us to offer robust & scalable solutions for your all big & small needs.


Enveu has a roadmap for numerous 3rd party products integration. By associating with us, you don't need to worry for future support & integrations as product would automatically gets update time to time providing you with abundance of new features.


Enveu is a highly customizable product as it is architectured with adapter pattern methodology. A new adapter can be easily developed in no time to cater your needs which keeps you ahead of others.


Our 'Rocking' L1-IT & DevOps team provides the worry free support & services to our clients. Our pro-active and anomaly detector technology raise the alarms and alerts ahead of time which helps us to tackle the critical situations and ensures recovery of the systems.

Case Studies


Ad & Content Measurement Solution

A multi-platform solution that can be configured to play Live, VOD and In-Stream Ads. The solution is capable of measuring video content, In-Stream Ads & its viewability.

Republic World

Digital Transformation

System Integration and Architecture design for Republic TV online video platform. Vendor management and Project Management for OTT Application delivery.


OTT Platform

An online website video streaming service where visitors can watch a variety of films, soap operas, TV serials, TV shows, trailers, music clips etc. that are given viewing rights to watch by content copyright holders

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