Top Reasons for protecting your video content with DRM video solutions

Shalabh Agarwal Jul 7th, 2023

You all must agree with the fact that security is something that can’t be overlooked, right?

Well, it becomes crucial when you are posting something online. 

Nowadays, digital media assets in the form of video content are of high value, especially for OTT platforms. Companies want to ensure that their licensed content stays protected. But the increasing piracy risks are becoming a huge concern for video streaming platforms. It is quite common these days that stealers screen record video content or upload them to pirated websites letting the unauthorized public access the content illegally. 

But, not with Digital Rights Management. Yes! 

Through this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the must-have security protocol DRM and all the best security tactics of  video DRM which you can use to add multiple layers of protection to your digital assets.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand the growing need for DRM Video Solutions.

Growing Need and Use of DRM-Protected Video

Nowadays, with just a few clicks and the use of tools, copyrighted content can be downloaded and uploaded to illegal piracy websites without the permission of the video content owners. 

Yes, it’s a big risk for content providers!

  • As per the US Chamber of Commerce, 80% of piracy involves illegal streaming or downloading of licensed video content using torrent clients. 
  • Every year the US economy loses $29.2 Billion just because of online piracy. 
  • In music and audio streaming, the US economy loses $12.5 Billion annually in the form of music theft.

Due to these losses and easy access to licensed content from illegal websites using torrent clients, it becomes necessary to protect video content. To tackle this, Digital Rights Management was established.

As its name suggests, DRM Video Solutions is all about managing the access rights to digital content. From controlling access from unauthorized parties to restricting the sharing of video content, it is possible for companies to have ownership of their content completely via DRM video streaming.

How Does DRM Video Process Work?

DRM Video Process Work

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DRM Video Solutions implies the use of technology in the form of code or tools to limit the copying and use of copyrighted video content protection and other Software. This also helps organizations to avoid legal issues from unauthorized entities making the content impossible to steal or share on other platforms.

If we switch to the technical aspect, DRM ensures that the video content stays encrypted, allowing only authorized users and devices to play the content. Here’s how its done-

  • Whenever a user plays video content on the OTT platforms, the video player attempts a request to get a key from the server. 
  • Moreover, if the server verifies that the user has the license to access the content, it responds with the key.
  • Once verified, the video player decrypts the video content with the key.

Ways How DRM Video Streaming Secure Your Content

DRM Video Solutions can work in the following ways to achieve copy protection and improve permission management:

  • Preventing users from sharing the video content.
  • Preventing users from streaming the content by setting the limit on it.
  • Restricting users from taking screenshots or recording the screen.
  • Setting an expiry date on the content or session timings.
  • Locking the video content to specific locations or devices.
  • Water marketing the digital video content to imply online copyright.
  • Tracking the usage of the content and monitoring it.

DRM Streaming Use Cases

DRM Video Solutions can successfully deliver you the protection you thrive for your video content. Here are the DRM use cases answering how you can use DRM to protect Digital Media.

  • Prevent Tampering:

An unauthorized act resulting in the modification of video content or using it on an unauthorized platform is Tampering. DRM restricts your video content from playing on any unsigned platform without your permission, thus preventing Tampering. In case your content is running on another platform, DRM will prevent it and also notify you.

  • Limited video file access

Purchased video files can enact security using DRM. It limits the number of devices where the content can be played. With this DRM encryption ensures secure video playback thus ensuring Content Access Control. For example, Apple TV only plays on Apple devices only.

  • Preventing image leaks

Leaking the images of video content is a popular method of exposing licensed content to the public. DRM technology lets owners trace the image leaks and deletes them as soon as they are traced.

  • Eliminates fake authenticity

Some entities use the videos, cut the watermark, and post them on their platforms to give an authentic look to their users. However, videos encoded with DRM can be traced and facilitate legal action against unauthorized parties securing the video watermarking.

  • Unlocks high level of reliability

When videos follow compliance, it becomes tough for cyber threats to steal the content. DRM boosts the data security profile of the company delivering trust to the users and clients working with them.

Want DRM integration? This is what you need!

DRM is all about encrypting the video content and the technique is known as DRM Encryption. You have to package the video elements using techniques like MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption, or Sample-AES encryption to make your content secure. It is best to choose experts for DRM integration to secure video streaming on your platform. 

Enveu offers DRM-protected streaming for all customers to ensure safety in every aspect. The feature easily secures the data for all existing videos and new uploads.

Final Words

Digital Rights Management plays a key role in securing your video content in the digital world. Copyright techniques were different in the traditional world, but the scenario is completely different. As an owner of the content, the DRM system will let you deliver high-quality content legally and in the most appropriate manner so that you are not worried about your content getting stolen. So, are you ready to secure your digital video content journey? 

Enveu also provides the most-secured solutions when it comes to online video content. Get glitch-free streaming and professional quality tools to build your video streaming platform without having to worry about the data. If you want to connect for more details, contact us here.

Shalabh Agarwal - Co-founder, Enveu
Shalabh Agarwal is the co-founder of Enveu, one of the fastest-growing App automation and OTT solutions providers. Shalabh oversees the global businesses for Enveu and has been working in the Technology and SaaS space for over 15 years.

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