Top 6 Kaltura Competitors in 2024

Chandan Luthra May 3rd, 2024

There are various OTT streaming Platforms available that have transformed the way people consume entertainment content. 

According to a recent study, the number of people using streaming services globally is projected to increase by 1.1 billion users (+20.12%) between 2024 and 2029.  Moreover, if you’re looking for the best and most renowned OTT streaming platform, there are a lot of options; nothing is better than Kaltura.

In this blog, we will discuss the six best Kaltura Competitors

So, let’s get started with what Kaltura is.

What is Kaltura?

It is one of the best OTT video streaming platforms, designed to deliver live and on-demand video SaaS solutions to a variety of enterprises around the globe. 

The platform was launched in 2006, and streaming experts predicted that the video would be more compelling and interesting than the text.  They saw video as a means of exchanging information, collaborating, working, and entertaining, as well as an integral aspect of any business.

Kaltura Features

  • Provide solutions for a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, telecom, and more.
  • Upload video files for streaming, make quizzes, and record screens quickly and easily.
  • Empower broadcasters to use an open-source, highly customizable platform.
  • Develop a platform for creating interactive videos for kids using compelling elements.
  • Enable broadcasters to monetize content seamlessly through a variety of integrations.

Kaltura Pricing

  • Per GB of bandwidth, the price starts with $0.17.
  • $0.25 per MB of memory.
  • $2.25 per transcoding hour
  • $0.11 per content word managed, & more with each subsequent context.

Top 6 Best Kaltura Competitors

1. Enveu

Kaltura Competitors

Enveu is a robust video streaming platform that can scale to meet your needs.

Its live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) capabilities enable all corporate use cases by delivering content from ingests to playback, transcoding for the optimal user experience, and ensuring dependable and secure asset management.

When compared to Kaltura, it also allows you to build your own OTT Platform, Streaming Services, and OTT Video Streaming Platforms in weeks. Go live on 12+ platforms at once.

Products & Solutions

Enveu’s core offering is the Experience Cloud, a low-code SaaS platform. This platform simplifies the process of:

  • Building OTT platforms: Enveu simplifies the development, which gives you the possibility to go on-air in just a matter of weeks instead of months classically offered by other service providers.
  • Content Management: Have one place for all the video and share through this central point without any hassle.
  • Multi-platform App Creation: For instance, the apps must offer user-friendly functions and be compatible with a range of device brands and platforms, including smartphones and tablets, as well as smart TVs.
  • Live Streaming: You can entertain the audience by choosing a live video experience.
  • Subscription Management: Easily manage both your patrons and your content monetization.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Get data-driven fields to see the user behavior and make the stream dynamics better.

Key Features of Enveu

  • Video Content Management
  •  LIVE/VOD/Catch-up
  •   Monetization
  •   Multi-platform Apps
  •   User Management
  •    Analytics & Reporting
  •    50+ Integrated Partners
  •   Easy customization


  • Lite: $ 549/mo.
  • Professional & Enterprise : Book a call

2. IBM Cloud Video

Kaltura competitors

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A well-known name in the video streaming industry is IBM Cloud Video. It aims to supply businesses with a wide range of streaming and video services, and it is a major Kaltura competitor.  

Content creators, businesses and professionals can easily measure, manage, and monetize their video content and publish them across various digital platforms. 

You’ll get access to video solutions like cloud streaming, video services, storage, and GPU computing. Additionally, IBM Cloud Video is continually working to make it easier to engage viewers during live events by providing chat rooms in which users can communicate. 

Key Features of IBM Cloud 

  • Use developer APIs and SDKs.
  • Automatically looped live playlists.
  • Multiple CDNs provide worldwide reach.
  • Customize channel pages to reflect your brand.
  • Compatible with almost all devices and screen sizes.


  • Silver: Great for small businesses (Starting at USD 129.00 per month)
  • Gold: Great for medium-sized businesses (Starting at USD 649.00 per month)
  • Platinum: Great for those who stream frequently (Starting at USD 1,299.00 per month)

3.  Vimeo

Kaltura competitors

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Vimeo’s video platform is a robust enterprise video hosting solution that, integrated with tools, helps to create and distribute high-quality video content. 

It also enables organizations to use video as a springboard for dynamic marketing campaigns, enhanced performance, and better team collaboration.

When it comes to Vimeo , it’s worth noting that it is an open-source video hosting platform that focuses on specialized corporate video solutions, which can be quite expensive for businesses due to the need for advanced features and support services.

Vimeo is a popular choice among educators because many of their a la carte video software solutions are geared toward webinars and virtual events. 

Vimeo, like Kaltura, provides an extensive suite of video content manager, collaboration, and analytics capabilities.

Key Features of Vimeo

  • Multiple plans that scale with your business. 
  • Customizable channel templates.
  • Adaptive CDN streaming around the world. 
  • SEO and analytic tools.


  • Starter: Grow your business with essential video tools ($12)
  • Standard: Boost your impact with premium creation ($20).
  • Advanced: Drive engagement with Vimeo AI and events ($65)

4. Brightcove

Kaltura competitors

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Brightcove is a cloud-based online video platform that specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of tools for enterprises to manage, produce, and monetize video content.

You will be able to use them to construct personalized video players, integrate advertisements, analyze video performance, share content across channels, and execute a variety of other video content tasks. 

Key Features of Brightcove

  • Advanced analytics for converting viewers into paying customers
  • Internal tools for enterprise or extensive organization usage
  • Ability to deliver any type of ad to maximize revenue
  • High-quality live or on-demand video content delivery
  • Emphasis on advanced video security for content protection.


  • Pricing starts at $199 a month. 
  • Pricing is based on package and video plays. 
  • A free 30-day trial is available.

5. JW Players

OTT streaming platforms

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JW Players is a versatile end-to-end video delivery and monetization platform. Enabling content creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and publishers to use a single unified platform for Live & VOD and flawlessly stream video, improve audience engagement, and better monetize video content. 

Key Features of JWPlayer

  • Create a link between your video inventory and ad-demand sources.
  • Provides input on data analysis and develops video content strategies.
  • A plethora of ad connectors assures the highest ad-fill rates, allowing for rapid growth.
  • In-built capabilities, such as article matching, boost audience engagement.
  • Enables high-quality real-time streaming while preventing errors.


  • Basic: Start at $10.00 per month
  • Enterprise: Please contact JW Player for exclusive pricing details


Kaltura competitors

Image Source

Panopto is widely known for its content management system for videos that have been made for educational institutions, corporations and even the government. The video content management system designed by Panopto spans multiple sectors – educational institutions, corporations and government. Panopto helps instructors by introducing things like recordings with automatic transcription and instant streaming which aids the creation and delivery of video-based learning.

Key Features of Features

  • Panopto is known for its video content management system, offering features like automatic transcription, live streaming, and interactive video quizzes.


  • It starts at $14.99/month per user.

The Final Word

Kaltura is a good choice for OTT video streaming, but there are also several other powerful alternatives available for business and organization sectors. Each alternative has its own unique features and pricing plans to be able to serve a broad range of users and budgets. 

Whereas Enveu is robust with its live streaming features and customizable OTT platform, IBM Cloud Video has comprehensive video services, Vimeo has enterprise-grade video hosting solutions, Brightcove has advanced analytics and monetization features, JW Player has an end-to-end video delivery platform, and Panopto specializes in video content management and education. Businesses have a broad range of options to choose from, depending on their requirements.


Chandan Luthra - Director, Product Engineering, Enveu
Chandan Luthra is a co-founder of Enveu, and heads the Engineering department at Enveu. He is an early adopter of OTT tech and has been part of many OTT platforms across the globe. He is developing & building Products and SaaS platforms for more than 13+ years

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