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Shalabh Agarwal Jun 7th, 2023

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Do you remember the year 2000? 

The time when watching our favorite show was an activity filled with a lot of wait and patience. As an audience, people waited for the next shows to be aired on television. It is a fact that we can’t deny at all! Even if you had internet, websites uploaded seasons just after the show or movie airs on the television or theatres. However, after the years 2013 and 2014, the release of OTT app platforms, Hotstar and Sony Liv, changed the whole scenario of the entertainment industry. The producers had to approach OTT distributors for their films to be broadcast on OTT. 

So, if you are someone who is in search of a perfect platform for your video content to be published. This blog is all you need! Let us take a deep dive into the article and know some of the top OTT distributors in the market currently.

Why OTT?

First, you need to understand the worldwide growth of the OTT industry and some interesting stats as well!

Undoubtedly, we have come a long way from DVDs to television, the internet, and now the OTT platforms. As users worldwide adopted the latest trends, the OTT market saw a significant surge in multiple parameters. Below are some of the stats associated with the OTT market that will help identify OTT video platforms’ massiveness.

  • By the end of 2023, OTT video market revenue is projected to touch $323.30 Billion. And the annual growth rate by 2027 will be 10%.
  • The projected revenue of the OTT market by 2027 is more than $1000 Billion.
  • Smartphones are the most used devices for OTT platforms, followed by Smart TVs and laptops.
  • North America dominates the OTT platform industry, where 60% of Americans use at least one streaming service.

The above pointers are a reference to the evidence showcasing the industrial growth of OTT platforms worldwide. Sooner or later, nearly 100% of the population will use OTT platforms to watch shows and movies.

Now, let’s focus on the list of OTT distributors.

List of Top 6 OTT Distributors for Film Distribution

The rapid evolution and worldwide spread of internet infrastructure to every corner of the world are causing the enormous popularity of OTT platforms. Today there are hundreds of OTT platforms available, making it challenging for producers to decide which OTT distributors they should approach. 

The below list will surely help you to pick your ideal platform-

1. Netflix Inc.

OTT Distributors(NetflixInc.)

Image Source- usatoday

In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph had an idea to rent DVDs by mail. This idea led to the birth of Netflix. But Netflix has come a long way and followed the trend closely to become one of the largest OTT distributors in the world.

The membership on the Netflix platform has surpassed 200 million. And the company has started to release its own films and mobile games. The mobile app version of Netflix on the Google play store has 1 Billion + downloads. It is undoubtedly the top player in the online entertainment market, with personalized content for every customer.

2. Amazon Prime

OTT Distributors

Image Source- variety

Amazon Prime Video works a bit differently than other streaming platforms like Netflix. Unlike Netflix, a completely OTT distributor company, Prime Video is Amazon’s product. Amazon’s main business is E-commerce. So, if a user is a Prime member of Amazon, then only they can access the Prime video service.

Keeping the backend things aside, Prime Video is the second largest distributor and streaming platform. It has over 200 million active users streaming their favorite video content. Due to the services Amazon offers with Prime membership, the platform is more likely to take a strong surge in the coming future, especially in Asian countries like India.

3. Disney +

OTT Distributors (Disney +)

Image Source- technadu

Since 2019, Disney+ has been one of the most popular streaming platforms in the USA. It comes in the list of top digital film distribution platforms. Audiences can explore a wide range of TV shows, animated movies, and whatnot. The platform has more than 116 Million subscribers making it a success.

The subscription model offers monthly or annual payments to users as per their requirements. Further, the features like 4K ultra HD and offline download make it a prominent choice for filmmakers. If you are looking for an established platform, Disney+ is for you.

4. Hulu

OTT Distributors

Image Source- theverge

Hulu offers a vast library of content to watch, belonging to various genres. The platform has produced some brilliant movies, series, and shows since it was released in 2008.

The content library is a blend of multiple networks like NBC, Fox, and more. Further, the subscription model of the platform is flexible, letting users choose the right model as per their needs. Offline downloads and multiple profiles are a few of the top-grossing features that make it the right digital media distribution platform for filmmakers.

5. HBO Max


Image Source- theverge

HBO Max is an American streaming service owned by Warner Bros. The company is already a giant as an OTT distributor and one of the most respected & innovative entertainment brands in the world. Most creative stories and award-winning directions are associated with HBO.

HBO Max serves over 85 countries; however, the service is still missing in a few countries like India. But, Indian consumers can use VPN to watch HBO Max. In case your target is the Hollywood audience, then you can choose HBO Max as your ideal OTT distributor.

6. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Image Source- techradar

Peacock TV can be a great choice if you are looking for an ad-supported digital movie distribution platform. The streaming platform is owned by NBC Universal, one of the top digital media brands in the USA. Peacock has advertisements on its platform, making it free for users. However, users can purchase Peacock Premium for additional content, features, and an ad-free watching experience. If you have a lower digital media distribution budget, Peacock TV can be your right partner.

Wrapping up

OTT is the future, and the demand is rising faster than ever. Content producers are targeting the young audience through mobile and web OTT distributors. The growing internet infrastructure around the world is the reason why OTT streaming services are becoming popular worldwide. And, to cater to the audience, it is important to pick the right OTT distribution partner. The above list will ensure that you have ample options available to choose from. Have more queries or still confused? Contact us here- 

Shalabh Agarwal - Co-founder, Enveu
Shalabh Agarwal is the co-founder of Enveu, one of the fastest-growing App automation and OTT solutions providers. Shalabh oversees the global businesses for Enveu and has been working in the Technology and SaaS space for over 15 years.

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