4 Reasons a Content Creator should Outsource OTT Development

Shalabh Agarwal Sep 20th, 2021

OTT streaming is an entirely different ball game as compared to traditional TV broadcasting. It is built on a technological infrastructure that is constantly evolving in parallel with the digital consumer’s need and satisfaction. A broadcaster’s IT requirements will need to be customized based on the way the content in OTT is produced, distributed and consumed. So it begs the question to the CTO or CEO of a media house – Would you prefer to bear such a mammoth responsibility of managing the OTT broadcast process in-house or outsource the development to a tech management expert?

Content creation is a creative and technical process by and of itself. Right from ideation, to production and marketing strategy, a content creator is required to spend a huge amount of time and effort over the details of each content created. The larger the project, the more the time and manpower that goes in it. And the larger the media enterprise, the more will be the number of simultaneous such projects running. Now with so much already on the plate of a content creator, imagine sparing time from this to put into creating an entire OTT platform from scratch.

Therefore, it is best advised to consider outsourcing your OTT’s tech management to an expert and here are 4 reasons to convince you:

1. A Time Saver

There are technical specifications that go into building your own digital infrastructure. These include choosing a computer language, setting up a payment gateway, putting servers in place, regulating a CDN (Content Delivery Network), fine-tuning the video player etc. This makes digital technology a complex component to understand. Outsourcing these crucial tasks of an OTT platform to a tech management expert prevents the content creator from going into the rabbit hole of dealing with these time-consuming details. Instead, that saved time can be pooled into the effort where the focus rests on production or acquisition of content, branding and marketing strategies.

2. Keeping with Content Demand

In the face of an unpredictable demand for content, an outsourced OTT platform will be able to stay ahead of volatile consumer requirements. We live in an age where it is incumbent to track the need of a consumer in a video streaming market and when this need blows up, one has to be ever ready to scale up the services instantly. A tech management expert relies on the economies of scale when it comes to the production, distribution and consumption of an OTT video. So not only are they prepared for such a demand but are also able to offer extra bandwidth at a much lower cost and avoid unnecessary pressure on the in-house IT department. This invariably also guarantees the delivery of newer products to a market at a faster rate.

3. Return on Investment

Building a video streaming platform in-house does give you complete flexibility over its development from scratch but it is also a considerable budget burden. The set-up costs of the technical infrastructure alone will eat a huge share out of the company’s capital which could be better applied in the creation & execution of content production and its marketing. ROI for a Video on-Demand platform built in-house will take a good few months. But if the platform is outsourced to a tech management expert, your invested expenses significantly come down. A professional team has the knowledge and experience to assess and inform exactly what is needed, thereby eliminating any excess costs that would have carried forward as an unnecessary expenditure. So essentially, you get to see a much quicker return on investment.

4. Boosting Service Quality

In the video streaming industry, an OTT platform needs a specific user experience along with built-in tools and features that are beyond any regular site. The expertise of a professional tech management team that specializes in the field of audio-visual entertainment can really help make a difference. Having an expert from this sector already sets up a strong foundation stone for the OTT platform. They will bring in the latest technological innovations which can efficiently meet the game-changing ideas you set out to execute. Such a thorough amalgamation between the two is certain to benefit the end customer by improving their viewing experience.

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Shalabh Agarwal - Co-founder, Enveu
Shalabh Agarwal is the co-founder of Enveu, one of the fastest-growing App automation and OTT solutions providers. Shalabh oversees the global businesses for Enveu and has been working in the Technology and SaaS space for over 15 years.

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