Dacast vs Wowza: Find the Best Choice for Live Streaming

Chandan Luthra Jun 26th, 2024

In this digital era, the attention span and patience for watching one video is around 2.5 minutes, and is gradually decreasing. Businesses have to keep working on generating interactive and engaging content to increase views and grab an audience. 

A compelling platform plays a vital role here in maintaining high video quality and doing brand marketing at the same time so that viewers stay. Different businesses are seeking different live-streaming platforms. In such a case, identifying which platform is ideal can be difficult. 

Such is the case while analyzing Dacast and Wowza. To give businesses a cutting-edge platform, Dacast vs Wowza has been enlisted. Before picking the best platform for live streaming, check out the differences.

About Dacast

Dacast vs Wowza

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Dacast is an end-to-end live streaming solution providing users with real-time coverage in low latency. It has the necessary tools to provide customized views in both live and on-demand video content. Dacast has a variety of monetization options, a user-friendly interface, and detailed analytics offering tools. For customization, businesses can use custom logos, color schemes, watermarks, and player skins.


  • Content management: The platform has an essential content management tool that allows the user to organize, categorize, and manage their video content library.
  • Mobile compatibility: Dacast allows video content to be accessed across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This gives an edge by increasing the viewing experience of users.
  • Customer support: Dacast offers a flexible customer support plan via chat, email, and phone. Users can access a comprehensive knowledge base and community forums for better guidance and learning about the platform.
  • API integration: Dacast offers seamless and basic API integration with third-party platforms.
  • User-friendly interface: The intuitive interface and straightforward setup process make the platform easily accessible to every business type.
  • Scalability: Dacast has cloud-based support for scalable streaming. This ensures that the platform is compatible for all business sizes, be it small webinars or large-scale live broadcasts.
  • Customization: Companies can customize the video player as per their brand needs and also integrate it into their website for brand consistency.  

About Wowza

Dacast vs Wowza

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Wowza is one of the most picked video streaming platforms because of its robust and flexible solutions. It offers seamless video integration support into mission-critical applications. It has long-time expertise in streaming advanced and modern VOD capabilities.

Any company can fine-tune viewers’ experience, work on monetization strategies, and scale using Wowza services. 


  • Versatile: Wowza has a wide range of streaming protocols and formats, making adaptability smooth for different devices in different scenarios.
  • Low latency: Wowza delivers video streaming with minimal delay, which makes it the best platform for live streaming and interactive broadcasts.
  • Scalability: Wowza has the potential to handle large-scale streaming operations during vast audience events and high demand.
  • Developer friendly: Wowza allows developers to customize the platform right from scratch with extensive APIs and SDKs. With these two, developers can functionally make the platform as per the brand.
  • High-end security: All the video content will be protected under DRM, token authentication, AES encryption, and password.
  • Protocol: Wowza has a broad range of streaming protocols, such as HLS, RTMP, WebRTC, and MPEG-DASH. This ensures the platform is compatible and versatile for different audience segments.
  • Support: Wowza has a basic support plan where queries can be raised via ticket. However, the platform supports well with the documentation, and support resources.  

Dacast vs Wowza: The Ultimate Comparison

Dacast and Wowza are prominent players in the video streaming market offering innovative solutions. Before picking one, study Dacast vs Wowza based on features, pricing, ease of use, and customer reviews. 

Comparing Based on Features

Video Hosting and Delivery

Dacast has a high-quality streaming solution for both live streaming and on-demand video hosting. The user-friendly interface makes the integration into third-party platforms and websites smooth. 

On the other hand, Wowza has wide streaming protocols and formats such as HLS, RTMP, and WebRTC, to provide complex streaming solutions. It has multi-device compatibility and a low-latency streaming solution.


Dacast has multiple monetization options, such as pay-per-view, advertisements, and subscription models. Content creators get multiple revenue generation schemes. 

While Wowza primarily focuses on offering monetization features such as integration with third-party platforms and customized revenue models. 


Dacast has built-in marketing tools, such as email capture forms and call-to-action overlays. Users can also integrate their social media platforms to increase content reach. 

If we look at Wowza’s side, it offers a focused technical aspect of streaming, which includes integration with various marketing and CRM tools. 


Dacast can provide detailed analytics and reporting tools to offer valuable insights about viewers’ behavior, engagement, and performance metrics. To offer better results, Wowza has a real-time monitoring feature. Here, the analysis report will be more comprehensive and exact. 

Customization and Branding

Dacast has a robust customization video player that allows brands to maintain their consistency and enhance viewers’ experience. Users can choose the themes and skins and align them with their player. 

If the company is looking for the best platform for live streaming that has a higher level of customization, then Wowza can be their pick as it performs customization through APIs and SDKs. Here, developers can build custom video players from scratch and incorporate dynamic overlays. 

Comparing Based on Ease of Use

If we compare Dacast vs Wowza based on ease of use, Dacast has the upper hand because of its highly adaptive interface for non-technical users. It has drag-and-drop functionality to make the setup easy for beginners. 

Wowza has flexible and advanced solutions but requires a higher level of technical expertise to use it. Developers and tech persons will find the platform easy to use. Non-technical and small-scale businesses will not utilize the advantage of this platform completely. 

Comparing Based on Customer Support

Both Dacast and Wowza have good customer support facilities. Dacast vs Wowza will give better clarity on which is serving the best. Dacast offers 24/7 customer support via email, phone calls, or chat. To make the customer journey smooth, Dacast gives access to a comprehensive knowledge guide and community forums.

Wowza on the other hand also provides a 24/7 customer support facility but is automated. For customized support, the user has to purchase premium support plans. To make the journey of the users smooth, Wowza offers support articles, open support tickets, and community forums. 

Comparing Based on Pricing


Dacast offers 14 days of free trial in all the plans offered. The paid plans include:

  • Starter plan for $39/month.
  • Event plan for $63/month.
  • Scale plan for $165/month
  • For custom plan details, get in touch with the team. 


Wowza offers 30 days of free trial support and different streaming plans:

Wowza Video Cloud Streaming

  • Pay as usage (Starting from $0).
  • For one month of streaming: $149 (One time purchase).
  • For a custom enterprise plan, get in touch with the team.

Wowza Private Cloud & On-Prem Streaming

  • For one month streaming: $295 (one-time purchase)
  • Monthly plan: $195/month
  • For enterprise plan, connect with the team. 

Comparing Based on the Target Audience

Businesses, educational institutions, and event organizers generally pick Dacast because of its friendly user interface and all-in-one solution. The integrated monetization options, appealing interface, and high-quality video support make it a versatile choice for any organization transitioning into digital streaming without technical resources.

In contrast, Wowza is picked by more technical companies, which are developers, broadcasters, and large enterprises. The advanced features of API support, complex streaming solutions, and specialized broadcasting need to make it particularly picked. Wowza is one of the best streaming video platforms for large-scale streaming operations that can handle high audience demand and offer sophisticated media workflows.

Enveu: Your Streaming Alternative

Choosing the best platform for live streaming depends more on what type of business you are in and the technical requirements you have. Dacast and Wowza both offer robust features for video hosting and OTT. 

Dacast vs Wowza features to suit the needs of one or another type of business but might not be perfect for all. Businesses looking for another option, can consider Enveu. It stands out as an excellent option for businesses looking to host videos and build an OTT platform

Whether you are a small business aiming to expand in digital space or a large enterprise seeking scalable options, Enveu tools can help you achieve the goal effectively.   

How Enveu Can Be Your Excellent Choice

  • Content support: Enveu is one of the best live-streaming platforms for webinars, product launches, virtual conferences, and sports concerts.
  • Live chat: To keep viewers’ engagement high and make the session interactive, a live chat feature is introduced. Viewers can ask the question right there at the live broadcast.
  • Recording: The audience can record their experience by using specialized ticketing solutions.
  • Buffer free: Users will get flawless live-streaming support even when the internet speed is slow.
  • Analytics: Businesses will get insights and live video analytics to optimize their performance.
  • Monetization: Enveu offers a multi-income stream that includes subscriptions, ticketing, sponsorship, pay-per-view, and live commerce.
Chandan Luthra - Director, Product Engineering, Enveu
Chandan Luthra is a co-founder of Enveu, and heads the Engineering department at Enveu. He is an early adopter of OTT tech and has been part of many OTT platforms across the globe. He is developing & building Products and SaaS platforms for more than 13+ years

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