Five Ways to Use SEO to Get the OTT Views

Rahul Tripathi Aug 11th, 2022

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The OTT market (for devices and services) is estimated to reach US$ 113.9 billion by 2022 and is estimated to reach US$ 217.5 billion by 2026, growing at 18.3% CAGR for the next five years.

So, it’s a no-brainer for those in the video content space to consider being on OTT.

In previous blogs, we have spoken about the points to consider when rolling out an OTT app (content, UI/UX, etc). In this piece, we list the importance of SEO and how it can help your videos get the views that ultimately translates to dollars in the bank.

Search Engine Optimization for OTT websites is among the most important aspects when it comes to views. No matter how good the content is, no one will be able to view it, if they don’t discover it.

These are a few ways you can ensure that your videos get sufficient clicks by using SEO.

Having a correct website address/URL

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which is known as a web address, is a text that replaces IP addresses that computers use to connect with servers.

It’s vital to use the right phrase to describe your business in the web address. If your URL/web address is not structured properly, your website may stand unnoticed as browsers will not understand what the website is all about. Search Engine Indexing always looks for related keywords that are relevant to the video. According to SEO experts, Google picks – (hyphens) and not underscores, so look to use them instead.


Search engine indexing always looks for keywords that are relevant for videos. So, you must add keywords to your URL for better discoverability. For the correct keywords, think of the last few searches you have made while looking for a video. You may not always key in what you want exactly. Also, look to cover spelling errors as well as keep keyword provision for both British and American English.

Video Optimization

When it comes to video optimization targeted towards videos keep two things in mind:

Creating recognizable thumbnails

Thumbnails give an indicator of what the video is about. So, make sure your thumbnail is relevant to the video, by either showcasing a screenshot of the content, or a description of the video.

Optimizing the metadata of your video

Generate targeted metadata or meta descriptions. Search engines first notice title tags, so you need to make them short and catchy. Then comes the description tags, which can be longer. Finally, you need to create video tags, where you can incorporate one or two keywords specific to your video content.

Website speed

Google and other search engines factor page loading time for both desktop and mobile and based on that rank the sites. If your site doesn’t load fast, you will suffer slow-loading ranking penalties. To tackle this Enveu’s team plays the role of a compressor and makes sure no heavy files are making your website laggy.

The sitemap for your OTT Platform

Creating a sitemap for your OTT platform is also extremely important. Sitemaps provide a great way to redirect your websites along with some more specific information like an indication of country and platform restrictions.

Enveu’s team can take care of the above-mentioned points and make sure that your OTT platform gets the attention your content requires. We are happy to take you through how our team of experts can help speed your OTT journey by using SEO.

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Rahul Tripathi - Marketing Manager, Enveu
Rahul Tripathi is an experienced Brand and Marketing Strategist driven by ROI’s. As a Marketing Manager, he looks after the company's marketing efforts and helps the company to drive bucket loads of awareness and sales that generate revenues.

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