Implementing RouteReuseStrategy in Lazily Loaded Modules in Angular

Chandan Kumar Jun 22nd, 2023

Angular developers must have been aware of lazily loaded modules. Lazy Loading generally, is a concept where we delay the loading of an object until it is needed. In some cases, it is necessary to use  RouteReuseStrategy which is the part ‘ @angular/router ‘.

Let’s Start with the term Route Reuse Strategy

What is RouteReuseStrategy:

RouteReuseStrategy is an interface in Angular that helps developers to customize the behaviour of the router when it reuses routes. Implementing RouteReuseStrategy can greatly improve the performance of an Angular application by allowing the router to reuse components and avoid recreating them every time a user navigates to a new route.

How to Implement RouteReuseStrategy:

  1. ShouldReuseRoute: This method is called by the router to determine whether a route should be reused or not. You can use this method to specify the conditions under which a route should be reused. For example, you can choose to reuse a route only if the parameters have not changed.shouldReuseRoute
  2. Retrieve: This method is called by the router when it needs to retrieve a previously stored component. You can use this method to retrieve the component from a cache and return it.retrieveott software
  3. Store: This method is called by the router when a component is about to be deactivated and needs to be stored for later reuse. You can use this method to store the component in a cache for later retrieval.all ott platforms in one app

To handle which Route to get Attached and Detached we have two More Methods

  1. ShouldDetach : We can write our own logic here to make desicision about which routs needed to be detached
  2. ShouldReuseRoute: Checks if the route can be reused or not.
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To generate a unique key using which angular will store/retrieve the route we can create our own methods or can use this one

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Once you have implemented the RouteReuseStrategy, you need to register it with the router. This can be done in the NgModule where the router is used. You can add the following code to your NgModule to register the RouteReuseStrategy:

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A sample Implementation is Provided below:

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In conclusion, the RouterReuseStrategy in Angular allows developers to optimize the performance of their applications by reusing components and routing structures. By implementing this strategy, we can reduce unnecessary component reinitialization and improve the overall user experience. It is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in the performance of our Angular applications, and I highly recommend that developers explore its capabilities to achieve better results. Have any other queries related to Angular development?
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