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Chandan Luthra Jun 28th, 2022

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It is crazy to think that by 2023, a whopping 2.72 billion people on earth are forecasted to watch live or on-demand video streaming on their mobile devices (Source) That’s a 6% annual growth rate from 2019. Naturally then, video content creators and publishers are thronging the online marketplace with their OTT platforms, vying for the attention of this massive pool of people browsing for content on their phones. As the years progress, the technology that was once heavy to lug around has become small and compact and yet beautifully executes the purpose of publishing video content instantly across the web. So let’s get talking about how you can create a live channel quickly using a live video streaming solution. 

Creating a Live Video

In order to build a live streaming application with a tech partner such as Enveu, it is necessary to understand the technical aspects of the mobile broadcasting industry. To start streaming online, you will need a video source such as phone camera, DSLR, webcam and audio sources like lapel, handheld or USB mics. To start streaming online, you will need to capture the signal from your audio and video sources. In the next stage, a video encoder translates the video signal for the internet. An encoder is basically a piece of software that compresses and converts the incoming audio-video signal into a digital, web friendly format. Lastly comes the streaming destination. These platforms are also referred to as Content Delivery Networks or CDNs. There are free CDNs such as Youtube, Twitch and paid CDNs such as Vimeo, DaCast, Streamshark etc. Once you are ready to get the ball rolling, your tech guide will set this up for you and your live streaming is ready to go on the floor. 

Once you have set up a live channel quickly and easily, the quality of streaming is as much a priority as anything else. Buffering, lagging and low resolution are frustrating experiences to a viewer. So it goes without saying, you need to invest in high quality video streaming equipment. The risk of losing viewers due to low quality streams far outweighs the extra buck in purchasing high quality equipment. Ensure that your video encoder settings are optimized. Your tech expert will know the optimal settings needed for your video to play effectively on your live streaming site.

Use Cases

Live video streaming is not just a remarkable alternative to in-person events but in certain situations, it is the better choice. Here are some use cases to explain how live video has become so popular among organizations to assist in or improve their operations: 

In corporate offices, live video has become a reliable way to address the company in real time, conduct business meetings and repurpose them for future viewing, build a knowledge repository and provide standardized training sessions across latitudes. Not to mention live video streaming encourages interactivity which makes it feel like being physically present. Religious organizations, specifically places of worship have also taken to live video streaming. It makes it convenient for those such as the elderly or sick who cannot physically attend mass congregations. Similarly the healthcare industry, law enforcement and government agencies have adopted live streaming video on a widespread basis to further provide aid and ease in their roles and duties and communication with concerned citizens. 


So you see, live video streaming is not simply a new fad but it is a solution to some of the challenges in the OTT ecosphere. It is worth noting that live streams capture viewers’ attention 10 to 20 times longer than pre-recorded content (Source). So if you are looking to build a live streaming application, it becomes important to craft a systematic workflow process for the best end-user experience. Each streaming case will be different and a sound technical expert such as Enveu can guide you across these choices. 

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Chandan Luthra - Director, Product Engineering, Enveu
Chandan Luthra is a co-founder of Enveu, and heads the Engineering department at Enveu. He is an early adopter of OTT tech and has been part of many OTT platforms across the globe. He is developing & building Products and SaaS platforms for more than 13+ years

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