Best Vimeo Alternatives to Build Your OTT Platform in 2024

Chandan Luthra Apr 24th, 2024

Have you been into video content creation for a long time? If yes, then you have definitely heard of Vimeo OTT at some point. Vimeo is one of the leading video-on-demand platforms, and since its inception in 2004, it has catered to several people in the media sector. From hosting videos to organization, and distribution, Vimeo OTT has helped many content creators, mainly in the B2C sector, upload and embed their content. In the year 2017, acquiring Livestream, a service provider for live streaming services, marked the beginning of Vimeo entering the B2B market.

However, there are a lot of features still missing on Vimeo, which is why it is better to find some of the top Vimeo alternatives. Some of its downsides include less traffic than you would get on other video platforms, in terms of pricing, it might be an expensive option, and it has limits on the total amount of storage you get depending on the paid plan you choose.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video hosting platform known for its focus on high-definition video playback and ad-free viewing experience. It caters to a broad audience, from individual creators to businesses, offering tools for uploading, managing, sharing, and analyzing video content.

Vimeo Features

  • Secure video hosting with HD quality playback
  • Ad-free video player customization options
  • Advanced video analytics with audience insights
  • Live streaming capabilities (paid plans)
  • OTT (Over-the-top) features for creating subscription-based channels (paid plans)
  • Integration with social media platforms

Vimeo Pricing

Vimeo offers a free plan with limited storage and bandwidth. Paid plans cater to individual creators, businesses, and enterprises, with features and pricing scaling accordingly. Pricing starts at $19 per month and goes up based on storage, bandwidth, and advanced features.

Exploring Top 9 Best Vimeo Alternatives: A World Beyond Vimeo

This is the time when you must look for better Vimeo alternatives. To save you a lot of time spent on research, here we present you a curated list of top platforms which you can choose in 2024-

  • Enveu
  • Dacast
  • Uscreen
  • Wowza
  • Wistia
  • Cincopa
  • Panopto
  • Kaltura
  • Resi 

Let’s explore these in more detail!

1. Enveu

vimeo alternatives

Enveu offers a premium SaaS-based platform called Experience Cloud that allows managing managers to manage their content in one central location, create intuitive apps across multiple devices, engage with users on a personal level, and monetize content in different models. This, as a result, saves a lot of time in comparison to Vimeo. 

Enveu Features

  • Interactive video overlays with clickable elements
  • Real-time analytics to track viewer engagement
  • A/B testing to optimize video content
  • Social sharing tools for wider reach
  • Integrations with marketing automation platforms
  • Secure video hosting with CDN delivery


  • Lite: $ 549/mo.
  • Professional & Enterprise : Book a call

2. Dacast

vimeo alternatives

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Dacast is another preferred alternative to Vimeo, as it offers better on-demand streaming capabilities. You get advanced streaming and broadcasting tools to upload your video content smoothly. Also, Dacast has better deployment capabilities than Vimeo, which can be a huge advantage for Windows and Linux users.

Furthermore, the primary advantage is that even if you choose the cheapest plan, you will have all the monetization options available.

Dacast Features

  • Secure video hosting with various file formats.
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for smooth playback
  • Basic video analytics to track video performance
  • Social media sharing tools for wider reach
  • Video monetization options (subscriptions, pay-per-view) on higher tiers


  • Free Trial: 14-day trial period to explore DaCast’s features.
  • Starter: $39 per month, allowing for 2.4 TB of streaming per year and 500 GB of file storage.
  • Event: $63 per month, expanding streaming capabilities to 6 TB upfront with 250 GB of storage.
  • Scale: $165 per month, providing 24 TB of streaming per year and 2000 GB of storage.
  • Custom: Contact sales for customized plans suitable for large enterprises.

3. Uscreen

vimeo alternatives

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Uscreen offers you to host live but on-demand videos and store your videos in the cloud. Besides that, you can deliver video content for educational purposes or online training. One feature that you can’t get on Vimeo is the communication tools, On the other hand, Uscreen allows brands to engage with their audience in a fast, convenient way by using these tools.

UScreen offers better marketing tools, while Vimeo relies on analytics and brand customizations to help you promote your videos. These tools are ideal for branding, fee-based video monetization, and, of course, a high level of security and privacy, so you don’t need to worry if your videos are accessed illegally.

Uscreen Features

  • Video on Demand (VOD) platform
  • Subscription management tools
  • Content monetization features
  • Payment gateway integrations


  • Uscreen offers a free trial and paid plans with varying feature sets and pricing

4. Kaltura

vimeo alternatives

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If you need total customization of the video player and broadcasting experience, Kaltura might be an ideal choice for you. Kaltura’s SaaS-based solutions enable your OTT platform to satisfy flexible streaming needs and are considered amongst the finest Vimeo alternatives. With this, you get to explore a perfect combination of media resolutions for your corporate brands in the form of live and on-demand videos.

Currently, Kaltura serves four main industries: educational institutions, enterprises, media companies, and OTT video services.

Kaltura Features

  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Video portal creation
  • Learning Management System (LMS) integrations
  • Cloud-based video editing


  • Custom pricing is available based on specific requirements. Contact Kaltura for detailed pricing information.

5. Wowza

vimeo alternatives

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This software is designed for individuals seeking to globally stream video content or those in search of a user-friendly, builder-focused, and feature-rich cloud video platform. One of the standout features of Wowza is its extensive collection of resources aimed at helping users begin and thrive in cloud video streaming.

The platform combines streaming expertise with powerful and up-to-date VOD capabilities, enabling users to create exceptional video experiences without limitations. Wowza’s comprehensive platform serves as your one-stop destination for audience engagement, supported by Wowza’s established track record of success.


  • Scalable video streaming platform,
  • supports various streaming protocols, 
  • live streaming capabilities, 
  • VOD management, 
  • security features.


  • One month of streaming for $149, Pay As You Go for $25 per month, and Enterprise Plans built as per their needs.

6. Wistia

vimeo alternatives

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Wistia caters specifically to marketers, offering features like heatmaps to visualize viewer engagement and A/B testing to optimize video performance.  It’s a perfect fit for businesses looking to leverage video content for marketing campaigns and lead generation.

Wistia Features

  • Customizable video player with lead capture forms and CTAs
  • Heatmaps to visualize viewer engagement
  • A/B testing to optimize video performance
  • Video SEO tools
  • Integrations with marketing automation platforms
  • Email marketing tools for nurturing leads captured through videos


  • It starts at $99/month.

7. Cincopa

vimeo alternatives

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Cincopa provides an all-in-one video hosting solution with features like interactive video galleries, live streaming capabilities, and e-commerce functionalities.  This platform is ideal for businesses looking to create a comprehensive video experience for their audience.

Cincopa Features

  • Interactive video galleries with customization options
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Video e-commerce functionalities (sell video content)
  • Integrations with social media platforms
  • Secure video hosting with CDN delivery


  • Cincopa offers a free plan with limited features.  Paid plans start at $9 per month and offer increased storage, bandwidth, and advanced features like live streaming and e-commerce functionalities.

8. Panopto

vimeo alternatives

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Designed specifically for educational institutions and businesses with internal training programs, Panopto excels at video recording, management, and secure video sharing within organizations.



  • It starts at $14.99/month per user.

9. Resi

live streaming video platform

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If live streaming is your primary focus, Resi is a powerful platform offering high-quality live streaming capabilities, monetization options (pay-per-view), and audience engagement tools.


  • Live streaming with various encoding options, 
  • Monetization tools (pay-per-view),
  • Audience engagement features (chat, polls), 
  • Real-time analytics.


  • Custom pricing is available based on the specific needs of organizations. Contact Resi for a personalized quote.

Final Thoughts

By the end, you may have already decided which platform is suitable for broadcasting and streaming your content. If you are still uncertain about making a choice and need more details on Vimeo alternatives, we are happy to assist you! At Enveu, we can help you get your content streamed across 12+ platforms in a single automated workflow. Or, if you prefer to launch your OTT platform without relying on third-party providers, don’t hesitate! Experience the power of Enveu firsthand with a free demo and unlock the full potential of your video content strategy.

Chandan Luthra - Director, Product Engineering, Enveu
Chandan Luthra is a co-founder of Enveu, and heads the Engineering department at Enveu. He is an early adopter of OTT tech and has been part of many OTT platforms across the globe. He is developing & building Products and SaaS platforms for more than 13+ years

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