Why should Content Creators Look to Create Their Own OTT Ecosystem?

Rahul Tripathi Mar 30th, 2021

At the time of writing this article, we’ve completed more than a year of the pandemic affecting the world. With lockdowns implemented worldwide, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to state that the one thing Covid-19 brought upon us was uncertainty and loads of it. Within that uncertainty, there was one certainty — the rise of digital consumption.

Digital consumption globally increased from an average of 3 hours and 17 minutes to 6 hours and 59 minutes according to a study from DoubleVerify. According to a separate report by Cisco, 82% of all consumer web traffic is video.

So, it’s clear: digital and video are here to dominate. Any brand, individual or organisation, that can effectively leverage these two.

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned how an OTT system can be paired down to four essentials — the foundation of strong content, quick and effective distribution of this content, its monetisation strategy and finally, revenue through various models. Creating and being present on your own OTT ecosystem has several benefits.


The content you put up is yours — you don’t need to worry about takedowns because of random arcane rules. And you don’t need to share revenue with the platform you’re hosting it on — you’ll be the one having your cake and eating it too!


In a burgeoning market like India, when TikTok was shut down, its top 100–120 influencers faced a setback of around Rs 100–120 crore collectively. So, when you create your own media entertainment ecosystem, there’s no need to worry about this. Your content remains with you on your app — you decide & control this environment. It’s a win-win for fans too — they get uninterrupted access to your content.


Having your own media entertainment offering also helps you deliver a seamless brand experience to your fans across mediums. Technology is evolving. Around five years ago, a Google Chromecast was the enabler to access digital content on the television — now that’s obsolete. The emergence of the Amazon Firestick and the affordability of Smart TVs are the new fads, but who knows what will happen in the next 5 years! It’s imperative to be present across platforms and operating systems when you create your own OTT service.

While creating one’s own OTT ecosystem is the way to go, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s where we step in.

We are a SaaS provider that specialises in making sure that you, the content provider need to just worry about the content, while we take care of the rest. Our team manages your entire technology stack to make sure you get the maximum reach and revenue.

Check out the 3 Benefits for Content Creators & Influencers to Switch to OTT.

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Rahul Tripathi - Marketing Manager, Enveu
Rahul Tripathi is an experienced Brand and Marketing Strategist driven by ROI’s. As a Marketing Manager, he looks after the company's marketing efforts and helps the company to drive bucket loads of awareness and sales that generate revenues.

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