Harness the Potential of Enterprise Video Solutions in Contemporary Business

Shalabh Agarwal Oct 17th, 2023

Is your business using video solutions for internal communication and marketing?  If not, then you’re falling behind. In this digital era, approximately 86% of businesses are leveraging the power of video platforms to grow their businesses. However, for large organizations, creating, managing, and publishing video content can be time-consuming and complicated. With security concerns, a crowded content library, and the need for uniform branding, your team needs something more than a YouTube channel and spreadsheets. That’s where enterprise video solutions came into the spotlight. 

So, if you’re wondering about what an enterprise video solution is and how it is beneficial for your business, in this blog, we’ll share complete information about enterprise video solutions and their feature that you might need if your business is ready to start creating online content.

What Is an Enterprise Video Solution

In this digital era, brands often have more diverse needs from a video platform than consumers do. After all, video is a cost-effective way to reach global audiences, as it helps to stream different content, such as _ Internal communications and training, external customer communications, onboarding tools, meetings and town halls, customer support and knowledge library, webinar marketing, sales videos, product how-tos and more. 

However, using video solutions for many cases can be difficult to manage. Hence, enterprise video solutions have emerged to help broadcasters to create, manage, organize and distribute view content in various contexts. But with a larger variety of use cases, a company’s video content library can quickly become difficult to manage. Organizations use enterprise video platforms to create, organize, and distribute video content in various contexts. These tools are more robust than consumer-focused content creation platforms, providing content manager, security, live streaming, and analytics. They also often integrate with popular video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Video Platform

Leverage the power of Enterprise Video Platform to grow your business to the next level. 

  • Intended to manage video content and video communications for a larger business or organization
  • Facilitating corporate learning, live streaming, or customer support
  • Helping to reach prospects and existing customers outside the business or organization.
  • Ensuring data security and be easily integrated into an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • A large percentage of marketers (92%) still consider video to be an “essential aspect” of their marketing strategy.
  • Synchronizing work processes and provide automation, which makes operations more seamless and efficient.
  • Integrating with a powerful CDN to speed up delivery, a secure video streaming platform to make sure privacy, integrity, and authenticity.

 Key components of an EVP

Enterprise video platforms are built to cater the video needs of organizations efficiently. Have you ever used video platforms to convey your message or sell your products to global audiences on YouTube Live, Instagram Live, or Facebook Live? If yes, then great. These are the major consumer-grade online video platforms. These platforms are designed for masses, which has content sharing capabilities. The primary advantage of these platforms are millions of people using these platforms to convey their messages, and this is the best and cos-effective way to connect and engage with your target audiences those are already using. Key features of enterprise video platforms are: –

  • Powerful CDN for streamlined global delivery.
  • Secure video delivery.
  • Multi-level access for user management.
  • APIs for integration and development.
  • A white-label platform for branding.
  • Video access control.

The infrastructure/main features any enterprise video platform should include are:

  1. Video encoding
  2. Transcoding
  3. A reliable HTML5 player
  4. Video Hosting

Different types of EVP

1. Enveu_ Enveu offers a variety of enterprise video platform solutions, and we would love to be your platform of choice. We help content creators, publishers and organizations to deliver content to an intended specific audience. It refers to the technology needed to ingest, manage and distribute content via streaming services.

Key Features_ content Structure Modeling, ABR, HEVC/AVC support, Device Management, 3rd party OVPs pre-integrated, Tested UI / UX Templates.

2. Kaltura_ A enterprise video platform specializes in offering complete media needs, including: – transcoding, packaging, and distribution, as well as a single platform for media management. The streaming platform is equipped with everything that you need to create, launch and manage streaming services. You will be provided versatile features and customizable solutions for complete video needs across various industry. 

Its key features_ High-performance player, End-to-end media preparation and media and content management, Playlists and other categorization, Viewership and engagement analytics, Distribution to social channels, API access and etc. 

3. Brightcove _ This enterprise video seems most pitched towards internal video communication services, however, its overall platform also involves enterprise video hosting, live event streaming, video marketing, and other video-based services. It’s also an emerged presence in the online video industry with a reputation to live up to. Brightcove is generally geared towards large businesses and offers many of its products in discrete categories, streaming and hosting platform, a marketing suite, etc.

Its key features_ HD video streaming, User-friendly CMS, Rich marketing and analytics tools and others.

4. Microsoft Stream_ This platform enables broadcasters for video storage, sharing, and collaboration on its. They also provide complete video solutions along with robust cloud-based applications for live communications as well as VOD content storage and management.  Only the users with valid Microsoft 365 credentials can get access to add, organize, share, and view video content in Stream. Users can get access to various channels and they can watch the videos and also use these videos across various apps/tools offered in Office 365.

Key features _ Create/upload/edit videos, create live events in Microsoft Stream (Classic), Create live events in Microsoft Teams/Viva Engage, Search automatically generated transcripts in Stream (Classic)

5. VPlayed_ This also one of the best enterprises video platforms, designed to create, upload and edit videos. Users can get total control over the distribution, marketing, and broadcasting of video or audio projects. Equipped with adaptive streaming, multiple media formats, unlimited storage, a content partner site, and secure access control, among its many features. It also has advanced tech to deliver content on live streaming, video on demand, and OTT channels.

Its key features_ Secure and scalable, includes built-in social distribution and marketing features, Supports comprehensive monetization models and others.


If your organization is already successful at a level that makes it imperative to research and select the best enterprise video platforms, it can still be a difficult and challenging task for them. However, we hope that we have prepared a list of essential features as well as a useful overview of several leading enterprise-grade online video platforms to provide you with a starting point and basis of comparison for further research. With the help our list of enterprise video platform, you can find the best one as per your business requirements.

Shalabh Agarwal - Co-founder, Enveu
Shalabh Agarwal is the co-founder of Enveu, one of the fastest-growing App automation and OTT solutions providers. Shalabh oversees the global businesses for Enveu and has been working in the Technology and SaaS space for over 15 years.

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