Mobile Live Streaming: The Trend of the Century

Chandan Luthra Nov 8th, 2023

Today, everyone has a Smartphone and with the advent of high-speed internet, you have the power to connect with anyone instantly. The digital technology has transformed our lives for the better. You may ask but what is the technology trend that has won millions of followers? The answer is pretty straightforward. The Mobile Live-Streaming trend is gaining massive popularity amongst students, creators, celebrities, and professionals alike. Going Live” using a Mobile Live-Streaming app is a style statement.

You may think of Mobile Live-Streaming as a way to add vibrancy to your personality but in the true sense, this is a very practical system to reach out to your audiences. Experts believe that launching a product or a service online by streaming live can effectively take your offerings to any part of the world effortlessly. You have a plethora of options available to choose a suitable option to go live but historically, it is seen that a Mobile Live-Streaming app remains the most preferred choice. 

What is Mobile Live Streaming?

Mobile Live Streaming is the real-time broadcasting of audio or video to a physical audience or an online platform through a mobile device like a Smartphone or a tablet. 

You can live-stream by taking advantage of the built-in camera feature and internet connectivity on your mobile devices. This is a compelling way of reaching out to many people with the least effort. With globalization, there are no digital boundaries between cities and nations. The information travels from one part of the world to another in seconds. 

You Need To Carry Out The Following Steps For A Successful Live Stream:

  1. Content Capture: Using your mobile device’s camera you have to record the audio and video on the Mobile Live-Streaming App.
  2. Connectivity: For reliable data streaming make sure you have a high-speed internet connection.  
  3. Engagement: The purpose of a live stream is to establish a deep connection with the viewers or audiences. The Mobile Live-Streaming apps have intuitive features for comments, likes, and reactions.
  4. Sharing: Almost all Mobile Live-Streaming apps have the provision to record and share the content for viewing at a later stage. 

Latest Trends & Statistics of Mobile Live Streaming

You will be mesmerized to know that the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology has deeply penetrated the Live-Streaming trend. These technologies have blurred the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. One more trend is going live over multiple platforms at the same time. This develops a very strong bond between the people on both sides of the screens. The high-speed internet has aided a lot in popularizing Mobile Live-Streaming apps. 

Mobile Live Streaming is more Popular amongst the Following: 

  1. Social Media 
  2. Events and Entertainment
  3. Education
  4. Business and Marketing

You have to take the Live Video Streaming business very seriously as analysts predict that this market may reach the US $90 billion mark by 2023 end. A 10% CAGR between 2023 and 2027 is also an optimistic expectation by many tech aficionados. With this growth rate, you can expect the market to reach US $140 billion size by 2027. No doubt, the user base is growing and is slated to reach 1.6 billion users by 2027.

Must-Have Features For Mobile Live Streaming

In the realm of Live Video Streaming services, there is a plenitude of Live- Streaming apps. Every app is trying for the top spot and onboarding as many users as possible. For a video streaming platform to be successful and globally acceptable the following are the must-have features.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: This is the most important highlight for a live streaming app. The app layout, interface, navigation, and live feedback must be thoughtfully designed. The users should mentally feel that they are with the person on the other side. 
  2. Connectivity & Performance: The app must run hassle-free. It should be free from bugs. The software should provide seamless connectivity. The performance also needs to be improved with regular updates. 
  3. Security: Cyber security can’t be ignored. The data of users joining the platform must be protected from online fraud at any cost. Also, the app must identify the community guidelines to ensure an enjoyable experience. 

There are some other crucial aspects like scalability, registration, pricing plans, and feedback that require your attention and must be fine-tuned with time. 

Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps

  1. YouNow: A well-established Mobile Live-Streaming app that is a decade old and still growing. You will appreciate the presence of strong security, 24×7 content monitoring, iOS and Android compatibility, and monetization options. 
  2. Twitch: Your favorite Amazon owns this app and that is enough to establish its credibility. Social media influencers and gamers use this powerful live video streaming app. With more than 1.2 million streamers active on the platform daily, it is a popular choice. 
  3. Tango: It is a dedicated live video streaming app providing excellent streaming services since 2017. The platform is an ideal choice for the creator in you who is not held by any contemporary boundaries.
  4. YouTube Live: YouTube has billions of users and this is one of the most successful Mobile Live-Streaming apps. It has a very interactive user interface and the platform is also a popular choice amongst professionals. 
  5. Facebook Live:  Much like YouTube, Facebook is a well-known platform with millions of active users. The streaming services here are compatible with both iOS and Android followers. With one touch you can live stream to your followers on the page and this is a very likeable feature on the app. 
  6. Instagram Live: Instagram also helps you build community pages and here with one touch you can start live streaming for your followers. Instagram immediately sends a notification to your followers when the live stream starts. 

There are many other good mobile live-streaming apps like Enveu, TikTok, and nanoStream that are popular and provide an unforgettable experience. 


The data streaming technology is evolving and the possibilities are endless going forward. Mobile Live-Streaming apps perfectly integrate the real and digital worlds. Whether you are an individual, a team of creators, or into business, there is always a need to connect to your audience and the live-streaming always helps. These apps are not just technology tools but a gateway to fostering connections across the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ans: The best internet connection for mobile live streaming is a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. However, you can also live stream using a cellular data connection, but you may experience some lag or buffering if your connection is not strong enough.

Ans: The best resolution for  live streaming is 720p or 1080p. However, you may need to adjust the resolution depending on your internet connection and the capabilities of your device.

Ans: The best bitrate for  live streaming is between 2Mbps and 4Mbps. However, you may need to adjust the bitrate depending on your internet connection and the quality of your video.

Ans: The minimum equipment you need to  live stream is a smartphone or tablet with a camera and a microphone. However, you can improve the quality of your stream by using additional equipment, such as an external microphone, a tripod, or a lighting kit.

Ans: A few factors can contribute to buffering during  live streaming. Ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection, use the appropriate resolution and bitrate for your content, and close any background apps that may be consuming bandwidth.

Chandan Luthra - Director, Product Engineering, Enveu
Chandan Luthra is a co-founder of Enveu, and heads the Engineering department at Enveu. He is an early adopter of OTT tech and has been part of many OTT platforms across the globe. He is developing & building Products and SaaS platforms for more than 13+ years

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