The Value of Technology in Creating a Better OTT Experience

Shalabh Agarwal Aug 1st, 2022


Today there are nearly 4.66 billion active internet users in the world. That’s about 65% of the entire population (Source). This sort of internet penetration means that this massive number of people watch some form of online content on an everyday basis. Not just that, they can access the content through multiple doors. But here is where comes an important caveat that you have to remember as a content provider. The trick is, no matter which way or time they access your content, it is up to you to greet them with a fresh, consistently relevant experience worth sticking around for. And if you’ve set your foot in it already, you’d agree that this is no piece of cake. Content providers are burning the midnight oil to understand who’s watching and trying hard to incorporate a relationship building process as a core competence of the brand. And the best and most efficient way that can be done is with the smart use of innovative video on-demand technology. 

A viewer today can choose from a variety of devices to consume over-the-top video content. Every one of these devices has the capability of displaying video in phenomenal quality. Besides, the rage of ‘binge-watching’ is also something of a behavioral metric. So many people take the weekend to watch an entire series of several hours in one sitting. Not just that, when a viewer can exercise their watching-power across multiple devices, the content provider needs to have a robust backend that makes this kind of multifold-viewing seamless. A comcast survey indicated that 95.5% of respondents touted ‘reliability and quality’ of the streaming video to be the most important factor in viewing experience. Another 85% said that they stopped watching because of stalling and rebuffering (Source). Delivering on the promise consistently across devices takes concerted effort and execution across your delivery functions. This is where Enveu’s passion for innovative technology comes to the rescue. Our expertise guarantees real-world business solutions through smart and efficient use of technology. 

The progress in OTT technology has also made live-streaming, a once niche industry, more prevalent than ever. Live programming has become a diverse daily event today that goes even beyond sports. Real-time unscripted content is taking centerstage. But for this to happen, the behind-the-screens effort is jaw dropping. There needs to be a solution that bridges the creation, management and distribution process of the content within seconds. This is the only way that a live stream can truly encapsulate the viewer’s attention. 

Lastly, the VoD landscape isn’t quite complete without the inclusion of advertisements. For that you need to reach the entire broadcast footprint. Since the days of cable viewing till today, the technology for integrating advertisements has vastly improved. These days not only does a brand have its specific data points on who it wants to target but that the OTT backend tech enables that particular advert to be exactly targeted to that very audience as desired. Enveu’s global scale experience can offer the latest technological architecture to leverage your existing video monetization options and even discover new revenue models at the same time. 

In conclusion, today’s digital world is powered on a video ecosystem. So it is clear as daylight, that in order to gain the attention of more viewers, the content has to provide a refreshing experience. And more often than not, every VoD service faces the growing challenge of reaching multiple screens quickly and efficiently by streamlining the content processing. No wonder you are in safe hands with Enveu around. We can get your content streamed across 12+ platforms in a single automated workflow. Besides, we keep ourselves ahead of the technological curve and whether you are a content provider, an advertiser or global operator, we are here to support your business and keep you at the helm of innovation. 

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Shalabh Agarwal - Co-founder, Enveu
Shalabh Agarwal is the co-founder of Enveu, one of the fastest-growing App automation and OTT solutions providers. Shalabh oversees the global businesses for Enveu and has been working in the Technology and SaaS space for over 15 years.

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